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I really enjoy reading Meg’s confessions when she posts them, so I thought I’d share a few of my own:

  • I’ve been listening to a lot of pop music lately

This may not sound noteworthy to you, but growing up I was always a rock kind of guy. I actually presented at conferences as an undergraduate on the theological implications of the music of Nine Inch Nails. Let’s just say that pop music was never really something I enjoyed. But for whatever reason, over the last several months, I’ve been listening to a lot of pop music. And I like it. Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, and Lady Gaga are playing in my car more often than not. And here’s another thing: I’m not ashamed of it. Yes, while I’m blasting “Roar” by Katy Perry on my way into work, I fully understand that I could easily be replaced with a 14 year old girl if it weren’t for the fact that she wouldn’t be old enough to drive a car. But, I happen to like the songs!

It might be worth noting that I’ve always been more of a lyrics person than a music person. So, if you’re a music-snob, and are going to lecture me on chords and progressions and whatever – just know that I don’t appreciate good music. I appreciate good lyrics. And yes, a lot of pop music has dumb lyrics, but I don’t really like those songs (“bubble yum bum, ba dum barum”).

  • I absolutely hate morning radio shows

I do tend to listen to some ESPN radio, so I can’t say I hate talk radio. But there is nothing worse to me than listening to your typical morning radio show. Granted, as I just mentioned I’ve been listening to a lot of pop music, so the morning shows that I tend to run across are not necessarily catering to my demographic. But they play some music in between their banter, and I keep getting sucked into accidentally hearing bits and pieces of the shows, and they just make me angry.

They make me angry because I think I can categorize the comments of a morning radio show into two buckets: 1) They’re either painfully obvious (“I mean, I would never throw a baby down two flights of stairs. . .”), or 2) they’re incredibly opinionated about dumb things (“Why do girls always twirl their hair? That is so dumb. If a girl I was dating ever twirled her hair, I would just dump her right away.”)

I probably shouldn’t get so worked up about these shows, but there’s just something about them that make me angry. Just listening to people say stupid things repeatedly – it makes me lose hope in our society.

  • I hate political Facebook posts

Or really any Facebook post on a divisive issue. What are you really trying to accomplish by posting that? Do you really think you’re going to convert dissenting opinions by the amazing facts and wit in which you so accurately represent? Or do you think you’ll be successful in trying to open it up into a forum for useful and constructive dialogue where people can discuss the merits of both sides of the argument? Or are you really just looking for a thunderous “hell yeah!” from all of your Facebook friends who agree with you, while not tolerating any possible inkling that at least some intelligent and well-meaning people might have contrary opinions?

There is definitely a place for politics and other divisive issues, but using a social media that alerts you to new awards that people have won in Candy Crush and who has begun a new relationship is not the right place. All it does is artificially strengthens your own opinions because people who agree with you tend to comment or “like” it more than others, while creating a hostile environment for any dialogue or honest conversation (“yer st00pid if you think that”).

So, that was a lot of negativity. I try not to be overly negative, so let me try to balance that out with a gratuitous photo of our happy dog:

I know I'm being that crazy dog owner, but doesn't it look like he's so happy in this picture with Meg?

I know I’m being that crazy dog owner, but doesn’t it look like he’s so happy in this picture with Meg?

What are your confessions?


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1. I hate when people tag things on instagram as Paleo that aren’t really Paleo. Quinoa? Coconut milk ice cream? Lasagna covered in cheese??? Come on, now. Learn what Paleo is before you start tagging. Otherwise you’ll get people looking for meal inspiration who CAN’T EAT ANY OF THAT and you’ll send them into a fit of rage. Especially if you’re detoxing.

I mean, come on. Peanut butter? Greek yogurt? And I don't even want to know what is in that chia seed wrap.

I mean, come on. Peanut butter? Greek yogurt? And I don’t even want to know what is in that chia seed wrap.

Every time I see someone running or walking or biking on the incorrect side of the road, I want to yell out the window to correct them. If you’re on a bike, you ride WITH TRAFFIC. If you’re walking or running, you should be AGAINST TRAFFIC.  GET IT RIGHT, PEOPLE. How difficult is it to grasp this concept??

wrong side

I get extra angry when people don’t wear reflective clothing and they are walking, running, or biking at night. Double whammy if they are on the incorrect side of the road.  A week ago someone was walking their dog IN THE DARK on the wrong side of the road. It took everything I had in me to restrain from yelling out the window, “DO YOU WANT TO KILL YOURSELF AND YOUR DOG!!!???”

Iceberg lettuce. I hate it. There’s no nutritional value, and I’m not sure why it exists. I’ve gotten to the point where before ordering a salad at a restaurant I have to check to make sure they use something other than iceberg. I mean, really, at least use romaine!!


I bought a bag of candy corn at Walgreens on Monday when I bought my wrist brace (finally). I ate a handful and was convinced I didn’t need to eat any more the rest of the season. Until Tuesday morning when I realized the bag was still in my car so I had another handful. Except this time they were stale (who knew candy corn could get stale?). Yup, definitely over candy corn and it’s not even October.

My favorite part about this packaging is the "made with real honey" and then directly underneath "artificial flavoring"

My favorite part about this packaging is the “made with real honey” and then directly underneath “artificial flavoring”

I don’t like pumpkin spice lattes. I’m sorry. I think I’m the ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD who isn’t excited about #PSL season. They’re too sweet and they don’t really taste like pumpkin. I’d rather make hot chocolate at home & add some real pumpkin and enjoy actual pumpkin flavor.  And way less chemicals.


Have any recent confessions?

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1. People who have a wedding board on Pinterest and don’t even have a boyfriend confuse me. How can you plan a wedding if you don’t know who you’re planning the wedding with?? Don’t you think he’ll want SOME input — at least a tiny little bit?

2. It really grosses me out when people post pictures of their peed-on stick to announce that they’re pregnant. I’m happy for you, I really am, but please don’t show me something that has your urine on it. You could simply say, “We’re having a baby!” and people will be just as excited for you. If you really feel you MUST show the two lines, just take a picture of the two lines. Save the pee-on section to share with your husband. Don’t you want to keep SOMETHING private for just the two of you?

I’m not posting a picture here because no one wants to see a peed-on stick.

3. I bought a pair of heels recently and I’ve been wearing makeup nearly every day. I feel like a sell-out but at the same time I feel empowered. Maybe there’s something to this dressing nicely thing, after all.

2013-04-30 16.43.51

From Marshall’s. Love.

4. Sometimes I look in the mirror and wish my stomach was leaner and more toned. And then I remember that I love ice cream and beergaritas (see amazingness below) and unless I give those up, I will always have a slightly flabby stomach. And then I am okay with myself again because I love ice cream way more than a flat stomach.


Why yes, that IS a Corona and a margarita.

5. Speaking of my stomach, I have successfully gained two pounds in a week. Guess who’s going to be cutting out said ice cream & beergaritas for a few weeks until she un-bloats a little?


I love ice cream.

6. I never wanted a Kindle, ever in my life. Until my mom practically forced me to ask for one for my birthday so she could buy it for me. I told everyone that I could never love a Kindle like I could love a real book. That’s a lie. I take my Kindle with me everywhere I go. I never did that with a book. I’m officially converted to an e-reader.

Reading on the back porch

Reading on the back porch

What are your confessions?

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1. I have had less than stellar attendance at CrossFit the last several weeks. It’s mostly because I’ve been eating crappy so I feel crappy and then I want to sleep. I need to get my butt in gear and start making it there more than 3 times a week. And stop using events as excuses to eat crappy.

Sugar cookies with fruit that Bob's mom made. It has fruit.. so I ate 4. oops.

Sugar cookies with fruit that Bob’s mom made. It has fruit.. so I ate 4. oops.

2. I only wear makeup when I look exhausted or if I’m going to a wedding. I’m wearing makeup today because I ate too many cookies yesterday and couldn’t sleep last night, therefore giving me bags under my eyes the size of my face. (I didn’t go to CrossFit this morning because I was too tired).

This is what I looked like this morning...

This is what I looked like this morning…

3. I haven’t gone for a run since the Roberts Homecoming 5k which was at the end of September in 2012. I say that I love to run, but it’s been 6 months since I’ve hit the pavement. To be honest, I’m terrified I won’t be able to make it a mile so I just keep putting it off. I hate starting all over.

My sneakers are sick of only doing box jumps and rowing.

My sneakers are sick of only doing box jumps and rowing.

4. April Fool’s Day makes me so anxious. I’m really gullible (I’ve fallen for the “someone wrote gullible on the ceiling” trick multiple times) so I don’t know whether to believe anything today. Ugh. I hate this day. (PS – My dad sent me a forwarded email talking about removing your license picture and name from a database.  I fell for it. In case you want to trick someone else: http://www.license.shorturl.com/)


5. I don’t know how to pair colors together. I have 8 skirts in my closet and I only know one shirt that goes with all of them. It’s black. Before warmer weather hits I need to figure out what other shirts I can wear with these skirts, or people at my office are going to see me wear the same shirt two or three times a week.

All of my skirts conveniently match my one black short-sleeved dress shirt.

All of my skirts conveniently match my one black short-sleeved dress shirt.

6. I’ve recently been sucked into the Downton Abbey craze. I’m on season 3 right now (thanks Mom for the use of your Amazon Prime!) and I am in constant awe over the fact that people lived like that. I wish I had a lady’s maid to help me get dressed, to do my hair, and to start a fire for me in my bedroom every morning. Maybe then I wouldn’t have to worry about how to find shirts that match my skirts.

downton 2

7. I am SO OVER WINTER. I know I chose to live here so I don’t have a “right” to complain, but REALLY!? I’m so sick of sweaters and socks and closed toe shoes and dressing like I should live in the arctic.  OVER IT.  I saw a job posting last week for an e-communications manager position at a college in Malibu, California and nearly applied. If it wasn’t for my friends and family here, I’d be begging Bob to move to California.

Wishing we were back in Jamaica...

Wishing we were back in Jamaica…

That’s it for today 🙂 What confessions do you have?

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I figured if Meg can do posts like this, then maybe I should try one! Disclaimer: mine probably aren’t going to be as funny/good as hers, but I’m going to give it a shot!

1. I need more sleep

This week has been rough. I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about Daylight Savings Time, and I really don’t like complaining about it because it happens every year people! Get over it! But, for whatever reason, this year it has hit me harder and I’ve been playing catch-up on my sleep all week. It has resulted in me missing CrossFit and CrossFit Endurance (CFE) on Monday, and me skipping CrossFit and my CFE class today too! That has guaranteed that I’m not going to hit my March goal of 5 CrossFit classes and 2 CFE classes each week, as now I can only get to 4 CF and 1 (MAYBE 2) CFEs this week. But I don’t regret sleeping in – I have been dragging this week!

Stanley doesn't like Daylight Savings Time either!

Stanley doesn’t like Daylight Savings Time either!

2. I might be getting sick

I never get sick. I have taken 1 sick day in over 4 years, and the last time I was seriously sick was right after we got engaged (foreshadowing?). But the last few days I have been feeling more nauseous, congested, and just groggy. I think it might have to do with my sleep issue, or maybe my sickness is causing me to feel more tired? Either way, I haven’t been feeling great lately, but I’m hoping I can fight it off before it actually knocks me out of commission.

The last time I was really sick - two days after I proposed to Meg!

The last time I was really sick – two days after I proposed to Meg!

3. I’m becoming a coffee snob

For a while I stopped drinking coffee during my Lurong Paleo challenge, but since then I’ve decided to reintroduce it to my diet in moderation. Unfortunately, I no longer drink the coffee at work. To be polite, the coffee at work tastes like medieval swill combined with laundry water. I used to drink it because I needed the caffeine, but now that I don’t need the caffeine I’ve become more of a coffee snob. I had a bunch of gift cards to Starbucks that have lasted me this far, but now that I’ve run out I’m in a quandary, because I don’t want to spend $2-3 a pop for a cup of coffee. So, today, I brought our french press to work, and I’m going to keep it here. Yes, I’m going to be that guy who brews coffee in his office using a french press. I’m not ok with this yet, but I’m also not ok with setting up a new savings account to get Starbucks on the mornings where I go to work from the gym (other mornings I just brew coffee at home first).

The french press on a filing cabinet in my office. Maybe I should turn the area into a coffee bar? Get some coffee mugs, coasters, napkins, etc.?

The french press on a filing cabinet in my office. Maybe I should turn the area into a coffee bar? Get some coffee mugs, coasters, napkins, etc.?

4. I love floor hockey

I’ve written before about my love of team sports, and in particular my floor hockey league, but I just have to reiterate how much fun it is. We started our new season two weeks ago, and I am the captain of one of the eight teams in the league. I’m really happy with how my team looks so far, and I truly believe we have the best chance I’ve had so far to win the championship (so far, in the 4 prior seasons, I have 2 playoff wins. I’m only marginally better than Tony Romo). But I don’t love floor hockey just because I have a good team – I play with such a great group of guys. For a small league run through a local YMCA, we have a lot of commitment to this league. I write a weekly column analyzing the teams and breaking down stats. Someone keeps stats every night. One of our league members owns his own photography business, and he did portraits of all of the players. Another guy is a graphic designer and designed our t-shirts and is creating customized team logos for playing cards. Another guy is a software developer and has created our own website (still under some construction). And lots of other guys spend their own personal time contributing to various aspects of the league. Is it silly how involved we are in floor hockey? Yes. But it also makes this league special, and something I truly look forward to.

My portrait this season, taken by Kurt Brownell (http://www.kurtbrownell.com/)

My portrait this season, taken by Kurt Brownell (http://www.kurtbrownell.com/)

5. I can’t get enough team sports

See above. But seriously, in any given week I’m playing basketball twice a week, floor hockey once, and ultimate frisbee once. And I really want to try to get some pick up football games going again. I just love team sports. I have no idea why I’m so infatuated with them, but I honestly believe I would play them 7 days a week if I could. Even CrossFit workouts, when done as a team, are just more fun and interesting to me. Last Saturday I did a “partner WOD” where we were set up in teams of 2 to complete the workout. It happened to play to two of my strengths: kettlebell swings and rowing (the third component, sadly, was wall balls and I hated every second of that torture). My partner and I posted the best score of our class, and I am always more proud/more motivated when I’m working as a team than I am individually. Maybe that is why I hate running so much?

My team this season, the Redhawks! Taken by Kurt Brownell (http://www.kurtbrownell.com/)

My team this season, the Redhawks! Taken by Kurt Brownell (http://www.kurtbrownell.com/)

6. I hate being humbled

I’ll be honest – I’ve been feeling pretty full of myself lately with my athletic accomplishments. Between playing ultimate and actually being decent, to finishing toward the top of my class a few times at CrossFit, I’ve been feeling a little cocky. The beginning of the CrossFit Open should have humbled me a little, but I turned it into an opportunity to gloat about how far I’ve come. Well, yesterday morning was a cruel reminder that I’m not as awesome as I thought I was. The funny thing about CrossFit is that it has the incredible ability to either make you feel good about yourself (like when you PR) or to completely crush you into the ground. Yesterday’s workout had 3 movements, 2 of which I’m terrible at: box jumps and thrusters. Let’s just say it wasn’t a good workout for me, and I was absolutely gassed at the end of it, and still had one of the lowest scores. Then I went to play basketball afterward, and had more turnovers than points. By a lot. It is good to be reminded that I’m not the best thing since bottled beer, but it is still a painful lesson.

I don't think I was the only one humbled by the WOD yesterday, it was "Rahoi" - a hero WOD. (Photo by Aaron Smykowski at FCCF http://www.flowercitycrossfit.com)

I don’t think I was the only one humbled by the WOD yesterday, it was “Rahoi” – a hero WOD. (Photo by Aaron Smykowski at FCCF http://www.flowercitycrossfit.com)

7. I really don’t understand protein powder

I understand the benefits – and I’m big on using it now because I’ve noticed that my recovery is much better when I have protein immediately following a workout. But there are so many different choices! There’s whey and soy, there’s isolate, casein, blends, combinations, and words that are really long that I can’t pronounce. There are a million different brands, all claiming to be the best. And it seems like everybody I talk to swears by the powder that they use – but they’re all different! I just don’t know which ones to trust, which ones are good and which are bad, or if it really doesn’t matter at all. I know Progenex is often the CrossFit protein supplement of choice, but at almost twice as expensive as alternatives, it’s hard for me to justify buying that brand. It’s frustrating for me that I don’t know if I’m using the right supplement, and we’re in the midst of switching again (I just bought a new one that I think is making me feel more bloated!) Any advice out there?

Those are my Wednesday Ramblings. Not bad for my first one probably, but still not as good as Meg’s!

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I drank a Shamrock Shake last week. I’m not ashamed.  I’m a little ashamed. But I only drank half of a small. And I only drink them once a year.  So that’s how I justified it. When I was sitting at a stoplight drinking my 40 grams of sugar (a small has 73 grams of sugar. barf.), I was ashamed when the person in the car next to me looked at me. I can’t help it, I love the sugary Shamrock Shake goodness!!!

I am a chronic Facebook liker. If I am your friend, I probably like half of your statuses and pictures. If I am one of your best friends I will like your status and pictures 95% of the time. I actually get a Facebook notification every time one of my best friends post so I can immediately see what they’ve said. If that doesn’t say, “We’re BFFs” I don’t know what does.

Speaking of Facebook… if you friend me, I will spend a good 20 minutes looking at your Facebook page. I know it’s creepy. I feel like a stalker. But I feel like I’ve known you my entire life after I leave your page because I’ve read your statuses from 2005 and seen pictures of you at your high school prom.

Not quite prom, but from our spring formal in college in 2006

Not quite prom, but from our spring formal in college in 2006

Sometimes I wonder if there’s something wrong with me because I don’t want a baby. Everyone says “You’ll know when you’re ready” but what if I’m never ready? What if I always look at other people with children and think, “That is way too much responsibility for this girl”?

Stanley is all the "child" I can handle right now

Stanley is all the “child” I can handle right now

I am always surprised when I get up before work and go to CrossFit. I know it happens at least 3 times during the work week, but when I walk in the door at either 5 or 6am, I am amazed. I feel like there should be a mini celebration every time I get up that early. Like, confetti should come down from the ceiling when I enter the door at the box and everyone there should clap for me.

Actually, a parade like the one we saw in Disney World a few years ago would be nice.

Actually, a parade like the one we saw in Disney World a few years ago would be nice.

I looked through three photo albums on Facebook to find one of me in my bathing suit from our trip to Jamaica last April with my family. I wanted to do a before and after comparison and I was really scared I would look the same. I am at the same exact weight now as I was in April (actually, I may have been a pound or two less in April).  But I’ll tell you what. There’s a difference. It’s slight, but it’s there. And I’m proud of that, and I’ll attribute that difference to CrossFit. (Please note, the picture on the left is larger than the one on the right. So I’m not really “skinnier” than last year but I am definitely more toned.)

Before and After

Have any confessions for me this week?

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Tuesday Confessions

1. Because of my recent bout with the stomach bug, I’ve lost my last three pounds and I can now fit into the very last pair of pants that didn’t fit.  I feel slightly guilty about celebrating that I’m back to my goal weight & size because I did it by not eating much of anything other than bread and popcorn and crackers for three days straight. Eh, I haven’t gained it back and it’s been a week, so  I’ll take it and continue on!


2. I really, really, really hate the burpee/ wall-ball combination in WODs.  I think this programming is created simply to torture people. CrossFit is all about functional fitness. But when am I ever going to need to do a burpee in my life, or throw a 14 pound ball 9 feet in the air? NEVER. That’s when.


3.  I just discovered that all these pictures that people take of themselves on their blogs and on Instagram have a name, other than “annoying photos of people making wierd faces”. They’re called “selfies”.  Am I uncool if I think they’re stupid? Seriously, what is the purpose of these other than to show gratuitous photos of yourself? Maybe I’m jealous because I looked ridiculous when I tried to take some of myself.


4. I left my phone at home today. And I feel completely lost without it. I am afraid that I’ll get home and I will have about 50,000 texts from all of my friends telling me about important events. The truth is that I’ll come home and will have no texts and will have missed nothing.


5. I hate meetings. Like, hate them even more than the burpee/ wall ball combo. If I had to choose, I think I’d choose burpees over meetings. At my previous job, I rarely had them and it was so happy. At this job, I’m lucky if I can get through a day without having 4-5 meetings. Please explain to me how you can accomplish ANYTHING if you’re sitting in meetings all day. (Note: I don’t mind meetings if people come out of them with action items. I just had a very efficient meeting this morning with my team. But these meetings seem to be few & far between)

This is what I look like in meetings that have no interest to me

This is what I look like in meetings that have no interest to me

6. I overslept this morning (on purpose) and didn’t go to CrossFit, telling myself I’d go tonight. That’s a lie. If you looked at how many times I actually go after work compared to how many times I say I’ll go after work, it’s approximately 0%.  Unless it’s a Friday afternoon and my work is done so I leave a half hour early. Then it’s 100%. I need a way to get my feet out of bed so I’m up. Maybe I should try this or this:

7. I followed through on one of my non-resolutions and bought some awesome bras at Victoria’s Secret during their semi-annual sale.  I used to be one of those people who thought that a $25 bra from a department store was the same thing as a $50 bra from VS. I was wrong, so very wrong. I will probably never buy another bra again from a department store. There is no better feeling than wearing a great-fitting bra and feeling like the sexiest woman alive. Women: splurge and buy yourself a VS bra. I promise that your self confidence level will increase 300%.


8. My Christmas decorations are still up. This is the longest after Christmas I’ve gone without taking them down. I’ve started to take them down, but it’s a very slow process. I’m aiming to get them down before our Super Bowl party.


What about you? Have any confessions to share?

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