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So my wrist STILL isn’t healed which means my membership is on hold yet another week. I really miss CrossFit.

It’s still pretty tender and every time I pick something up that weighs more than a piece of paper it hurts. Blech. Also if I bend it. Not cool. So my guess is that lifting weights is a bad idea since I can’t even lift a baking sheet with squash on it at home.

Saturday I took the dog out for a run — we did some random sprinting intervals/running and ended up with about 4 miles. And then when I got back I did 10 rounds of 10 squats & 10 lunges (100 each total) because I wanted to be at the gym with Bob. It was sad, really, doing squats and lunges in my backyard, with no music and no one there to push me. Other than Stanley who barked at me like I was a crazy person before eventually losing interest.  But I felt sore yesterday and what’s even MORE sad is that I missed the feeling of soreness so much so that I was excited.

Gratuitous picture of Stanley after our run. He was wiped out.

Gratuitous picture of Stanley after our run. He was wiped out.

You know you’re addicted to CrossFit when…. you are happy your glutes are sore.

I plan on doing some more interval-type running/CrossFit stuff that doesn’t include use of my wrist this week. One of the CFEs this week is a 20 min AMRAP of run 400 meters/25 sit ups, which I could totally do on our track during lunch. I’m even thinking about tweaking it a little so it’s more like a 25 min amrap with some lunges & squats thrown in too, because, why not?

And when I asked my brother in law (who’s a physical therapist) if I could row with it he looked at me like I was crazy. So my excitement over finding the rower in our cardio room at work has been short-lived.

But! At least I can run. and the weather this week is GORGEOUS so I don’t have an excuse not to be enjoying the outdoors.


How was your weekend? Looking forward to beautiful weather for your area, too?


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I’m doing the meal plan this week! I think Meg and I will probably still cook together, but as we start to transition into Meg’s new schedule over the next few weeks, we’ll have to feel out how we split up some of our household tasks – most importantly: the food!

We were busy yesterday between going to the gym, a wedding for some long time friends of ours, and celebrating a birthday for a very close friend. So we didn’t make it to our normal farmer’s market in Greece. This morning we found that there is one farmer’s market on Sunday in Rochester though – the Brighton Farmer’s Market!

So we were still able to get lots of vegetables for our weekly meal plan. I’ll be sad when squash isn’t in season anymore. Spaghetti squash, delicata squash, and all other varieties are so cheap right now and we love using them in all sorts of recipes. This week we also bought a variety of squash that we haven’t cooked with before: the buttercup squash.

Anyway, without any further delay, the real reason you’re probably here is to see our weekly meal plan. Here it is:

Sunday: Chicken Bacon Alfredo – I think we’re going to make this every single week until spaghetti and delicata squash are out of season. This is one of my favorite recipes ever! It is so creamy and delicious. It completely makes you forget that you’re eating paleo. We are making this during a weekend day though, because it does take a while to prepare and make, so it’s not really practical to make on a weeknight.

Monday: Stuffed peppers – This is an easy one to do every week, especially when we can get peppers cheap at the market. We usually do this later in the week to clean out the fridge, but we actually have some veggies from last week that we didn’t use, so we’re moving it up this week so we can try to not let some zucchini go bad that we didn’t use.

Tuesday: Leftovers – Meg is going to pack some hard-boiled eggs and some leftover peppers or chicken bacon alfredo for her very first class after work for her graduate program. I might just make some fried eggs at home and eat them with any leftover veggies we have since Stanley and I will be hanging out by ourselves.

Wednesday: Crockpot chili – It is going to be close to this recipe, but we are going to add in one buttercup squash because someone at the market just told us that she added buttercup squash to her chili last week and it was awesome. We love talking to strangers at the market to get new ideas for recipes!

Thursday: Paleo Pad Thai – We made this last week and it was, no exaggeration, the best thing I ate this last week. It tasted just like a real Thai dish. We modified the dish though, we didn’t use any peas or rice vinegar since they’re not Lurong approved. Also – we have a hard time finding sunflower seed butter without sugar, so we used almond butter in our version. And we had a great idea to enhance the dish too: I love bean sprouts in real pad thai, but since any type of bean is not Lurong approved, we used our new spiral cutter to make cucumber noodles that we put across the top of the dish. That extra crunch and fresh taste from the cucumber was tremendous. We also used shrimp as our meat. As you can tell by my lengthy write-up of this meal – I am VERY excited about this dish!

Friday: Fish and veggies – I’m not sure exactly how we’ll prepare the fish yet, but we’ll probably either do fish packets or some type of pan sear. Then we’ll roast the acorn squash we bought this week and saute some spinach to go with it.

Saturday: Burgers – I’ve been craving a burger lately (even though I ate one yesterday at the wedding – the only Lurong approved food I could find except for the veggie/fruit tray they had out during cocktail hour). So we’ll make burgers (without the bun of course), with lots of good toppings! Probably onion, bacon, guacamole, and tomato. We’ll also roast some more squash to go with it (did I mention we bought a lot of squash??), and we’ll make some sweet potato fries and parsnip fries.

So there you have it! The first of probably many of the meal plans done by me. I hope these helped some of you with some of your ideas for this week! Let us know what some of your favorite go-to fall meals are in the comments.

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1. I hate when people tag things on instagram as Paleo that aren’t really Paleo. Quinoa? Coconut milk ice cream? Lasagna covered in cheese??? Come on, now. Learn what Paleo is before you start tagging. Otherwise you’ll get people looking for meal inspiration who CAN’T EAT ANY OF THAT and you’ll send them into a fit of rage. Especially if you’re detoxing.

I mean, come on. Peanut butter? Greek yogurt? And I don't even want to know what is in that chia seed wrap.

I mean, come on. Peanut butter? Greek yogurt? And I don’t even want to know what is in that chia seed wrap.

Every time I see someone running or walking or biking on the incorrect side of the road, I want to yell out the window to correct them. If you’re on a bike, you ride WITH TRAFFIC. If you’re walking or running, you should be AGAINST TRAFFIC.  GET IT RIGHT, PEOPLE. How difficult is it to grasp this concept??

wrong side

I get extra angry when people don’t wear reflective clothing and they are walking, running, or biking at night. Double whammy if they are on the incorrect side of the road.  A week ago someone was walking their dog IN THE DARK on the wrong side of the road. It took everything I had in me to restrain from yelling out the window, “DO YOU WANT TO KILL YOURSELF AND YOUR DOG!!!???”

Iceberg lettuce. I hate it. There’s no nutritional value, and I’m not sure why it exists. I’ve gotten to the point where before ordering a salad at a restaurant I have to check to make sure they use something other than iceberg. I mean, really, at least use romaine!!


I bought a bag of candy corn at Walgreens on Monday when I bought my wrist brace (finally). I ate a handful and was convinced I didn’t need to eat any more the rest of the season. Until Tuesday morning when I realized the bag was still in my car so I had another handful. Except this time they were stale (who knew candy corn could get stale?). Yup, definitely over candy corn and it’s not even October.

My favorite part about this packaging is the "made with real honey" and then directly underneath "artificial flavoring"

My favorite part about this packaging is the “made with real honey” and then directly underneath “artificial flavoring”

I don’t like pumpkin spice lattes. I’m sorry. I think I’m the ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD who isn’t excited about #PSL season. They’re too sweet and they don’t really taste like pumpkin. I’d rather make hot chocolate at home & add some real pumpkin and enjoy actual pumpkin flavor.  And way less chemicals.


Have any recent confessions?

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So far my detox period hasn’t been too bad. It’s Day 2 of Week 2 for the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge, and I didn’t think my detox had been too terrible.

Until yesterday.

Sure, last week I had a little bit of a headache for most of the day on Thursday, and I haven’t felt extremely strong or peppy, but that is to be expected when going through sugar detox. Especially the way I binged before the challenge started. But, I’ve been through this before, and I figured I would be ready for it and it wouldn’t be as bad.

If you’ve never been through a sugar detox like this before, you should read this post by the folks over at Whole 9. It’s relatively accurate – everybody’s a little different, so sometimes you might skip one of those steps entirely, or the time periods might be a little different for you.

For me, Day 1 of Week 2 was apparently my “Kill ALL the things” phase. I woke up so incredibly irritable yesterday. Our sink has a small leak in our bathroom, and when I was shaving I wanted to pull the plumbing directly out of the wall. Our house has been progressively getting messier, and I briefly considered dumping gasoline into our living room and lighting a match to just torch everything we owned because I was so sick of just looking at it. I had the WORST road rage in the morning driving into work.

I was short with my co-workers, I secretly wanted to scream at every single one of them, and I was overly sarcastic and negative all day.

And when I had a 5pm meeting tossed on my calendar, I almost ended up on the headline of the newspaper.

So, if you had asked me on Sunday how Lurong was going, I would have said just fine. But yesterday I was just a bundle of negativity, anger, and frustration.

Today was a LOT better. I got up early to do the third benchmark workout for Lurong, played some basketball afterward, and went to work. I was worried that with such an early morning and so much going on before I even stepped into the office that I would be tired and cranky again. But, surprisingly enough, I was in a relatively good mood all day!

Maybe my irritability was just one day? I’m not jumping to any conclusions, because I know I might just be moody, but I’m hoping I’m heading toward the “boundless energy” or “tiger blood” phases pretty soon!

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I feel like we’re injury prone in the Hartman house. First my fall, then Bob’s glute, and now I’ve got an injured wrist. I’ve been naively hoping it’ll just stop hurting but it turns out hoping for things doesn’t fix them.

It started a week ago when we did overhead squats and double unders in the WOD. I’m not sure what I did to it, because I didn’t lift any heavier than normal, but my wrist started bothering me later Monday afternoon and through Tuesday.

I ignored it and still went on Wednesday.  My wrist still hurt, but not too bad. Just a minor annoyance. Thursday it was feeling a little stiff, and it was starting to be difficult to lift things.

And then I rowed 6k on Friday over lunch & did push-ups during the interval breaks because I’m doing this rowing challenge for our box and it turns out we have a Concept 2 rower in our cardio room at work which made me SO FREAKING EXCITED.

Slow intervals but hey, it was something!

Slow intervals but hey, it was something!

And then I realized that lifting anything at all started really hurting. And trying to wash the cast-iron dutch oven I use to cook everything in was impossible because my right wrist was screaming in pain.

The combination of not resting it, continuing to use it, and putting a lot of strain on it through rowing & push-ups was deadly. Now it hurts every time I move it. And it hurts to type. Which is super pathetic.

So I caved today and bought a wrist brace which is SUPER SEXY. I’m not sure why I didn’t do this a week ago. I’m now trying to decide if it’s worth going to the doctor for or if I should just give it some time to heal. What are they going to do for me, anyways? Probably tell me to put it in an ACE bandage, ice it, and take motrin.

Definitely coordinates well with my sweater today.

Definitely coordinates well with my sweater today.

I put my CF membership on hold for a week to give it time, which means it looks like I’ll be doing some running this week since I can’t lift anything. I’m wondering if I can row while wearing this support. I might give it a try….

What’s your m/o when it comes to deciding if you should see a doctor or just wait it out? 

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So today Bob and I ran in a relay for the Rochester MVP Marathon which is why this is a little late. Well, that and I had a meeting this afternoon with students for a non-profit I am helping with their marketing. The relay is the reason I’ve bumped up my running over the last few months. Originally I had thought about doing the half but then Bob tore his glute and all of a sudden it was July and I hadn’t run more than 3 miles. Turns out, doing the relay was a great decision.

6.5 miles was enough to make me feel accomplished and proud of myself, but not too much of a distance that I had to train a lot. It helped that one of my teammates is out of his mind and decided to run the entire marathon so he ran with Bob and I (he missed the hand off with our 4th team member for the last leg so he ran alone). He kept me running faster than I had expected and pushed me harder than I would have pushed myself. I ended up running the first 5 miles around 10 minute miles and the last 1.5 at 10:35. If I had been by myself I probably would have been closer to 10:30 or even 11 the entire time. Hooray for a good teammate!

Jake (my teammate who ran the whole thing), Chris, Bob, and I after we all ran across the finish line together

Jake (my teammate who ran the whole thing), Chris, Bob, and I after we all ran across the finish line together

So anyways, it was an eventful morning 🙂 And it made me want to sign up for the 10k Turkey Trot when we’re in Syracuse w/ Bob’s family for Thanksgiving — it was the first 10k I ran and it would be fun to run again!

But I know you’re REALLY reading this for the meal plan, so here it is:

Monday: Pan-seared venison steaks with roasted brussels sprouts and acorn squash.

Tuesday: Bob’s on his own because I’m going out with my girls for pizza on my last free Tuesday night (before classes start).

Wednesday: Fish packets with cauliflower rice on the side.

Thursday: A new recipe! Paleo pad thai (using shrimp instead of chicken, cucumber instead of peas, and skipping the rice vinegar).

Friday: Stuffed peppers (to clean out the rest of the veggies in the fridge) with roasted carnival squash (discovered this at the market this weekend and can’t wait to try it!)

Saturday: We’re at a wedding for two longtime friends of ours. Bob is going to probably load up on leftovers before the wedding. I will be indulging in wedding food and CAKE!
Trying any new recipes this week?

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In my favorite movie of ALL TIME, “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken,” there’s a part where the heroine of the movie is getting frustrated because she can’t mount the running horse try after try after try.  She keeps falling to the ground after missing the horse and it’s obvious she’s in some pain.  Her “coach,” a crotchety but warm-hearted cowboy, is standing by, watching, and says,

You don’t get anything handed to you in the world. You gotta earn it

And then she looks like she’s going to break down and lose it.

He asks her, multiple times,

You gonna cry? You gonna cry?

She takes a second to compose herself, and then responds,

I never cry

That part of the movie always baffled me, because I ALWAYS cry. At everything. At Hallmark commercials, at Superbowl commercials (The Budweiser one!!!), at sad stories.  Sad movies make me cry for hours after the movie is over, and sad musicals (The Last Five Years) make me tear up just thinking about them.

wild hearts

But today, during a particularly awful WOD, I got it. I understood.

After being no-repped a MILLION times on wall-balls (exaggeration aside, I’m pretty sure it was at least 20), I had it. I was about to give up. I was frustrated, I was leaning against the wall, and I was done. My eyes stung with tears of anger and my body was yelling at me to quit.

And in my mind, I heard, “You have to EARN IT”

and then: “You gonna cry!? You gonna cry??”

I mustered up the little bit of determination and strength left in me and responded (in my mind), “I never cry.”

And then I picked up that (insert curse word here) medicine ball and kept going.  I finished the WOD with 3 seconds to spare before the time cap. With my amazing CrossFit friends and Bob cheering for me to push through.

“I never cry” really means, “I never give up.”

wild hearts finish

Sonora after conquering all odds. That’s what I felt like at the end of the WOD today!

The WOD today was the first Lurong Living Challenge WOD. I completed Level 3, which was:

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 (18 minute time cap)

  • Wall Balls (14#)
  • Deadlifts (75#)
  • Box Jumps (20″)

For the record, some of the people in the class finished WAYYYY before I did.  Like, anywhere between 10 & 14 minutes.  So it’s not like I broke any records with my 17:57 finish.  But I finished when I wanted to quit, so in my mind, that was a success.  I’ll be lucky if I can walk tomorrow after all the work my hamstrings got today!

Also, talking about this movie made me realize I don’t have it in DVD (only VHS which is really pointless). Amazon for the win! (Also, if I can find it to rent, I’m pretty sure I just found my evening plans).

Side note — the more I think about this movie, the more I realize all of the wonderful things it taught me while I watched it over and over and over. That girls can be strong, and brave, and independent.  And that even if you fall in love, you’re still your own person. And that you are in control of your destiny; how you respond to life shapes who you become.  No wonder I loved it then — it preaches the same things that I stand for now!

What gets you through a particularly difficult WOD? Do you have a mantra you use?

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