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I really enjoy reading Meg’s confessions when she posts them, so I thought I’d share a few of my own:

  • I’ve been listening to a lot of pop music lately

This may not sound noteworthy to you, but growing up I was always a rock kind of guy. I actually presented at conferences as an undergraduate on the theological implications of the music of Nine Inch Nails. Let’s just say that pop music was never really something I enjoyed. But for whatever reason, over the last several months, I’ve been listening to a lot of pop music. And I like it. Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, and Lady Gaga are playing in my car more often than not. And here’s another thing: I’m not ashamed of it. Yes, while I’m blasting “Roar” by Katy Perry on my way into work, I fully understand that I could easily be replaced with a 14 year old girl if it weren’t for the fact that she wouldn’t be old enough to drive a car. But, I happen to like the songs!

It might be worth noting that I’ve always been more of a lyrics person than a music person. So, if you’re a music-snob, and are going to lecture me on chords and progressions and whatever – just know that I don’t appreciate good music. I appreciate good lyrics. And yes, a lot of pop music has dumb lyrics, but I don’t really like those songs (“bubble yum bum, ba dum barum”).

  • I absolutely hate morning radio shows

I do tend to listen to some ESPN radio, so I can’t say I hate talk radio. But there is nothing worse to me than listening to your typical morning radio show. Granted, as I just mentioned I’ve been listening to a lot of pop music, so the morning shows that I tend to run across are not necessarily catering to my demographic. But they play some music in between their banter, and I keep getting sucked into accidentally hearing bits and pieces of the shows, and they just make me angry.

They make me angry because I think I can categorize the comments of a morning radio show into two buckets: 1) They’re either painfully obvious (“I mean, I would never throw a baby down two flights of stairs. . .”), or 2) they’re incredibly opinionated about dumb things (“Why do girls always twirl their hair? That is so dumb. If a girl I was dating ever twirled her hair, I would just dump her right away.”)

I probably shouldn’t get so worked up about these shows, but there’s just something about them that make me angry. Just listening to people say stupid things repeatedly – it makes me lose hope in our society.

  • I hate political Facebook posts

Or really any Facebook post on a divisive issue. What are you really trying to accomplish by posting that? Do you really think you’re going to convert dissenting opinions by the amazing facts and wit in which you so accurately represent? Or do you think you’ll be successful in trying to open it up into a forum for useful and constructive dialogue where people can discuss the merits of both sides of the argument? Or are you really just looking for a thunderous “hell yeah!” from all of your Facebook friends who agree with you, while not tolerating any possible inkling that at least some intelligent and well-meaning people might have contrary opinions?

There is definitely a place for politics and other divisive issues, but using a social media that alerts you to new awards that people have won in Candy Crush and who has begun a new relationship is not the right place. All it does is artificially strengthens your own opinions because people who agree with you tend to comment or “like” it more than others, while creating a hostile environment for any dialogue or honest conversation (“yer st00pid if you think that”).

So, that was a lot of negativity. I try not to be overly negative, so let me try to balance that out with a gratuitous photo of our happy dog:

I know I'm being that crazy dog owner, but doesn't it look like he's so happy in this picture with Meg?

I know I’m being that crazy dog owner, but doesn’t it look like he’s so happy in this picture with Meg?

What are your confessions?


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1. There was a mouse in my trashcan today. It probably is still there. I took the bag out, and saw a pair of black beady eyes staring up at me. I screamed and slammed the lid and immediately found the heaviest books possible to put on the lid. And then I realized it  probably got in there under the step, so I shoved washcloths in the gap. I bought mouse traps at Home Depot over lunch today, and  Bob take care of the disposal. I may have just written a post about facing my fears, but mice totally freak me out, and I can’t handle it.


2. Stanley is coming home tonight after a week “vacation” at my in-laws’ house. I’m afraid he’ll want to go back with them instead of stay with us. It was so strange to not have him around for a week — every time I accidentally dropped a piece of vegetable I was cutting I expected him to run into the kitchen.  And I missed his joyful greeting when I got home from work!

Photo taken by Katie Roupe

Photo taken by Katie Roupe

3. There is SUNSHINE today!!!!!! I don’t think I’ve seen the sun since we were in Jamaica. This has been the worst winter in terms of lack of sun and it really affected me. Seeing the sun this morning made me want to pull out all of my skirts and flip flops. Until I realized it was 30 degrees outside still, so I begrudgingly put on my coat.

Leaving work today -- sun over the campus

Leaving work today — sun over the campus

4. On the Biggest Loser this week (well, the half that we’ve watched so far), the contestants went home after their makeovers. They all went out to eat and ordered super healthy options. Which is great — it is great to show America that even if your friends are eating pizza & fried foods, you can find something on the menu like a salad to stay healthy. But part of me wanted them to order something unhealthy.  Because at some point in the rest of of their lives, they are going to want to get french fries, or ice cream, or cheese covered enchiladas. And they need to learn how to eat those things in moderation —  and be able to leave half of their plate because portion sizes are out of control.  When better to learn than now?

I got about this far with my piece of cake during Bob's cheat day and had to box the rest up to eat throughout this week!

I got about this far with my piece of cake during Bob’s cheat day and had to box the rest up to eat throughout this week!

5. I am having the HARDEST time figuring out what I want to do on my birthday next week. A week from today I turn 28 and Bob said he’ll make anything I want him to make as long as there’s a Paleo friendly option. Do you guys have any favorite recipes that you would want to eat on your birthday?? This is a surprisingly difficult decision.

Kretchmar's birthday cake from 2 years ago. Can't wait to have another one this year! Yum!

Kretchmar’s birthday cake from 2 years ago. Can’t wait to have another one this year! Yum!

Have a happy weekend!!

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Confession: As Bob and I have been losing weight slowly over the last nearly 2 years now, our adorable Brittany, Stanley, has been gaining weight.

Stanley in April 2010, a few weeks after we adopted him. (Photo thanks to Katie Roupe)

Stanley in April 2010, a few weeks after we adopted him. (Photo thanks to Katie Roupe)

When we adopted him from NBRAN he was a tiny little thing, probably only about 35 pounds, and he needed to put on a few pounds to be healthy. We don’t know his background, but we can only assume that he was neglected and perhaps kicked (he runs away and used to pee himself when someone would put their foot on him).  He must not have been fed much, either, because this dog is a food whore. He will eat anything that you leave on the counter top, edible or not (toothpicks, tupperware, measuring cups…).

Stanley, April 2010.

Stanley, April 2010. (Photo by Katie Roupe)

So between Bob and I going to CrossFit in the mornings and being too tired (and cold!) at night, Stanley hasn’t been walked regularly in a year.   I used to run with him, but I didn’t do much of that while I was training for my half marathon because my long runs were too long for him.  Which means that combined with his addiction to finding food, he’s now at a hefty 53 pounds.

Stanley, Thanksgiving 2012, waiting for food to fall. (Photo by Katie Roupe)

Stanley, Thanksgiving 2012, waiting for food to fall. (Photo by Katie Roupe)

Poor puppy. His parents haven’t been very responsible.  Additional weight on dogs can cause all kinds of problems (I did some research) but the worst of it is that overweight dogs live shorter lives. I can’t imagine life without Stanley, and I certainly don’t want to be a contributing factor to his death. I want Stanley to live a long, happy life and die a very old dog.

Stanley on a walk w/ my mom -- she watched him while we were in Jamaica

Stanley on a walk w/ my mom — she watched him while we were in Jamaica

So it’s time for the entire Hartman household to be healthy. We’re going to start incorporating short walks after work, and hopefully as it gets warmer and Bob and I start running outside, we can take him for shorter runs during the week. Since we’re both hoping to register for the half marathon in September, we’ll be incorporating some interval running into our CrossFit heavy schedule (using CrossFit Endurance) later this spring and early summer as well.

For now, just getting him outside for a short walk is better than nothing, which is what it’s been lately.

Maybe we’ll even take “before” and “after” pictures 🙂

Do you guys have dogs? How do you keep them healthy? And how do you balance working out at the gym with keeping your dogs exercised? 

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